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Slow Jam Sunday: “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Hey girl, you look wonderful tonight.

Watch. Listen. Love.

On the Record with Little Hurricane

Did you know that San Diego rock blues band Little Hurricane bonded over the Counting Crows? Keep watching..

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Ones to Watch: Q&A with Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas


For the month of September, we’ve chosen gritty, soulful rockers Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas as our featured artist. The Detroit-based band is currently celebrating the release of its debut album, Secret Evil, a catchy set that blends rich blues runs with punk vivacity. Get to know front woman Jessica Hernandez a little better with this exclusive Q&A, in which she discusses the musical legacy of her hometown of Detroit, her current music faves, and her girl crush on Gwen Stefani.

1. What made you want to play music in the first place?

I’ve always wanted to sing. Ever since I can remember I’ve thought that music was what I would do. The older I got in childhood the less I thought it was possible, but in college I started playing in some bands with some really talented dudes and they made me feel like I had the ability to really do something with it. That’s when I dropped out and went for it!

2. Sell us your debut album, Secret Evil, in 10 words or less.

Eleven biographic songs told in the most soulful gypsy carnival way.

3. Your hometown of Detroit has an incredible musical legacy. What is it about the city that you think inspires so many musicians, including yourself?

The history of music that comes from here is what I think inspires a lot of musicians. It’s seriously in the water or something. When you come from a place that was home to artists like The Stooges, MC5, White Stripes, Lil Willie John and Alice Cooper, you have some pretty big shoes to fill and I think it pushes you to try and be really innovative in the hopes that you can even come close to having a career like they did.

4. What are you listening to right now?

Everything, but in heavy van rotation this week…

Mac DeMarco, Salad Days

White Denim, Corsicana Lemonade

Megapuss, Surfing

The Growlers, Chinese Fountain

5. What’s a song you wish you wrote?

Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold.”

6. When you think about your first crush, what artist, song or album comes to mind?

This one is so embarrassing but probably Justin Timberlake. I was only in 4th grade and really guilty of being into him. That wasn’t so much for musical purposes though. Musically, it would be my girl crush Gwen Stefani. Tragic Kingdom is still one of my favorites and I really looked up to her at a really young age.

7. If you could emulate anyone’s career, whose would it be? Why?

Dolly Parton! She’s a badass. She is an amazing songwriter who not only writes for herself but writes for a lot of other artists. She plays a few instruments, acts, produces, has her own theme park, is an author and has been happily married to her husband for 47 years! She is one of the few women in the business that has seemingly figured out how to do it all.

8. Name the: 1) first album you ever bought; 2) last album you bought; and 3) three albums you couldn’t live without.

1) First album was probably B52’s’ Cosmic Thing. I know I didn’t buy it, but it’s the first one I remember owning. It was a cassette and I think I might still have it.

2) The last one I bought was The Growlers’ Chinese Fountain.

3) Three albums I couldn’t live without (mostly for sentimental reasons): The Gaylads, Greatest Hits,
Wendy Rene, After Laughter,
Os Mutantes, Tecnicolor

9. If you were to write a memoir about yourself, what would the title be?

Carnie Threesome.

10. What does being a Rhapsody Ones to Watch artist mean to you?

It’s awesome! Happy be a part of it and share my music favorites with other people.

On The Record with Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers tells us their favorite album of all time, which album is also “the best album on the 90’s!” Do you agree?

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More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 
Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 
More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 
Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 
More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 
Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 
More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 
Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 
More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 
Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 

More hot albums comin’ straight at ya! 

Check out New Music Tuesday  this week! 

Slow Jam Sunday: “Touch Me, Tease Me” by Case

We’ve got the best for today’s Slow Jam Sunday. Enjoy!

On The Record with Real Beeda Weeda

We challenged the Bay Area’s Real Beeda Weeda to our infamous :45 second challenge- “What is your favorite record of all time?”. His pick? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out! 

Stripped Down By The River w/ Young Guns

We caught British rockers Young Guns down by the river in Austin during SXSW.

What did they do next?

They stripped down and gave us an exclusive acoustic set which included this song right here. 

Watch. Listen. Love. 

Throwback Thursday!

Letting the good times from 2011-2012 roll! 

Happy Throwback Thursday y’all! 

Ones to Watch: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas

We here at Rhapsody are always on the hunt for exciting, innovative new musicians. So we reinstated our Ones to Watch series, where we focus on one emerging artist for an entire month, and provide you with exclusive content from the promising up-and-comer. We’ve chosen sassy Detroit powerhouse Jessica Hernandez and her band The Deltas as our featured artist for the month of September. Listen to their brand-new debut album, Secret Evil, and read our indie editor Dan Weiss’ thoughts on the album, below:

Jessica Hernandez fits proudly into the retro alt-soul tradition alongside artists like Fitz and the Tantrums and Sharon Jones. The catchy anachronisms of Hernandez and the Deltas’ debut album are highlighted by her keen vocal chops and the band’s blend of blues runs with punk fluidity, especially on the bouncy-dramatic "Tired Oak" and the unapologetic "Sorry I Stole Your Man," whose descending chord hook is a cousin of the Mad Men theme.